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Myokem’s revamped website appears to be just the beginning


While we haven’t seen anything new from Myokem for quite some time, it is still one of the more reputable brands in the industry. At the moment it’s lineup of consists of four supplements with Alphadex, Magnitropin, mTOR Pro, and the top rated stimulant free fat burner Thyrovate.

We’ve got Myokem back in the spotlight this week because the brand has recently revamped its website, giving it a fresh new look and feel. The online update is nice to see; however, based on what Myokem is saying, it sounds like the revamp is only just the beginning.

Myokem has announced that following the relaunch of its website, fans can expect to see some new supplements in near future. New releases are something we haven’t actually seen from the brand since late 2015 when it introduced four products; Thyrovate, Transport, and reformulated versions of Pyroxamine and Nitramine.

If we are indeed in store for something new, just as Myokem is saying, then it’s going to be an exciting next few months. We’re certainly eager to see what the brand has cooked up, and really hope it makes as much noise as it did when it first stepped onto the scene all those years ago.