Super Male Strength is Performix’s phosphatidic acid strength formula

super male strength

Super Male Strength is an all-new supplement that expands on Performix’s Super Male family of products. The release promises a few benefits similar to the brand’s other Super Male supplements, although it features a very different set of ingredients and it can be used alongside those other products.

What is it

Performix’s latest supplement aims to enhance strength and drive, as well as boost testosterone. The brand suggests users take one serving of Super Male Strength per day in their choice of window, either before, during, or after their workout or at another time of day between meals.


The formula behind Super Male Strength is mostly non-transparent, so we only know the exact doses of three of its eight ingredients. Those transparent features are 3.12g of d-aspartic acid to help increase testosterone, and for strength, there is a gram each of citrulline malate and the all-important BCAA leucine.

super male strength

The rest of Performix’s Super Male Strength combination it as mentioned, wrapped up in a non-transparent blend weighing 403mg per serving. In that blend is Sensoril ashwagandha, yohimbe, horny goat weed, longjack, and a PA release complex combining phosphatidic acid and glycerol.

Where to buy

The latest Performix supplement appears to be available first through the brand’s own online store. Over at Super Male Strength is now in stock and ready to purchase at $59.99 per 30 serving tub with two flavors in Patriot Pop, and to make it easier to mix with other products, an Unflavored powder.

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