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Warrior unveils its oat based Raw Protein Flapjack in two flavors

warrior raw protein flapjack

The UK brand Warrior Supplements has a new protein snack coming very soon called the Raw Protein Flapjack. It will be an oat based product like a traditional flapjack, but still provide a good amount of protein with the usual 20g per bar.

We don’t know too much else about the upcoming Warrior protein bar just yet, with the only other details we have being its flavors and that it’s naturally sweetened with stevia. As for what its flavors are, there are two in total with Chocolate Brownie and Honey Berry.

According to Warrior Supplements, its exciting Raw Protein Flapjack is due to release very soon. Being a UK brand, the product will obviously be available in that part of the world first, with the retailer Bodybuilding Warehouse expected to be one of the first places stocking it.