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Amazon opens a second Amazon Go convenience store in Seattle

amazon go

The online retail giant Amazon has opened its second Amazon Go location after introducing its first one earlier this year. Amazon Go is the company’s advanced and extremely convenient shopping experience where you walk in, grab what you want, and spend absolutely no time waiting in lines to check out.

The way it all works is when you walk into an Amazon Go store you scan in using the store’s mobile app. You then browse about, and anything you grab from the shelf gets added to your virtual cart. Once you’ve got everything you want, you simply walk out and your cart total will be charged to your Amazon account.

Previously there was just the one Amazon Go location at 7th & Blanchard in Seattle, with the new store opening up in the same city at 5th & Marion. The second Amazon Go location is slightly smaller than the first and stocks a selection of convenient products including ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

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