Core Peak X will be a pump, strength and endurance pre-workout

core peak x

Core Nutritionals has revealed that following the recent release of its powerhouse pre-workout Core Fury X, there are already plans to replace its pump pre-workout Core Pump. The stimulant-free supplement is expected to be dropped in favor of another stimulant free formula called Core Peak X.

Much like the product it’s due to replace, Core Peak X will be a pump pre-workout, although there is a bit more to it. The supplement will have ingredients for muscle pumps as well as strength and endurance benefits, with a total of five features in the formula, four of which are premium patented ingredients.

No other details about Core Peak X have been shared just yet, however, we do have an idea on when it’ll be available. Core Nutritionals is currently only sampling the product but has said it’s hoping to have its pump and strength pre-workout released sometime this fall.

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