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DVST8 White Diamond Reserve launching in just over one month’s time

dvst8 white diamond reserve

Inspired has confirmed our suspicions and announced that it is indeed launching a new and improved version of its not even six-month-old pre-workout DVST8. To go with the confirmation the brand has revealed the official title of the upcoming supplement which is DVST8 White Diamond Reserve.

At the moment the name of Inspired’s exciting product is all we really have in terms of details. We do suspect that while DVST8 White Diamond Reserve is an improvement on the current DVST8, it will likely deliver a similar experience with effects like increased energy, better focus, and improved pumps.

To go with this week’s announcement of DVST8 White Diamond Reserve, Inspired has put together a countdown for when the pre-workout will either be revealed or released. You can see that counter which is ticking down to next month’s Olympia weekend on the brand’s website, where you can also sign up to be notified about its launch.

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