MET-Rx launches PRE-Fx with a mix of common pre-workout ingredients

met-rx pre-fx

The veteran supplement company MET-Rx, who recently stepped up its protein snack game and unveiled two rather creative products. Has now introduced an entirely new pre-workout supplement named PRE-Fx, that aims to deliver a handful of different effects.

MET-Rx PRE-Fx packs a relatively common combination of ingredients with a label that lists all but two features with their exact doses. The brand’s all-new pre-workout brings together ingredients to help with strength, muscle pumps, and the usual increased energy and mental focus.

met-rx pre-fx

The features making up a full, two scoop serving of PRE-Fx are 3.2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 300mg of choline bitartrate, 2g of taurine, 300mg of caffeine, 3g of arginine, and a rather light 1.5g of citrulline malate. There is also a 5.1g blend of creatine monohydrate and HCl, which is the only non-transparent part of the product’s label.

MET-Rx fans can now purchase the brand’s new pre-workout on its website in the one Fruit Punch flavor with 17 maximum servings per tub. The brand also actually has a handful of options for those interested in buying PRE-Fx with one tub at $28.99, two at $27.99 each, or four at $26.49 each.