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Bang Energy shot is coming in an alternatively branded fourth flavor

bang energy shot

VPX Sports recently announced that it’s launching an all-new, energy shot version of its popular Bang Energy drink. The upcoming product is going to feature a lot of the same ingredients as the drink including B vitamins, CoQ10, BCAAs, and the brand’s own Super Creatine.

The new Bang Energy shot will apparently be quite unique, as it is actually going to be a carbonated energy shot. VPX Sports already confirmed that it’ll be released in three different flavors with Peach Mango, Purple Haze, and Cherry Blade Lemonade, although it turns out there may be one other.

To round out the week, VPX Sports has shared a preview of a fourth Bang Energy shot that has not been named and is branded with a very different set of colors. While the other three flavors are mostly black with a color accent representing their tastes, this one is primarily white with a touch of purple.

Knowing VPX Sports, the mystery Bang Energy shot flavor will likely be something quite different. With so little information available, we’re not taking any guesses just yet, especially after seeing the brand launch its latest Bang Energy drink flavor, the colorful and creatively named Rainbow Unicorn.

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