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News Of The Week: Amazon brand OWN PWR and Rockstar’s creatine energy drink

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We’re back with another edition of our weekly news summary, where we bring together some of the biggest stories from the past seven days. This week we saw some major supplement releases, as well as the launch of a major new brand with Amazon’s own sports nutrition line, OWN PWR.

New Rockstar Xdurance energy drink combines caffeine and creatine

The well-known and widely available energy drink company Rockstar, brought back its previously released beverage, Rockstar Xdurance. The new product not only features a strong dose of caffeine at 300mg per can, but it also includes creatine.

rockstar xdurance

Gamma Labs’ unique popping G Fuel Energy Crystals are here

Gamma Labs officially released its unique new way to fuel this week, with the G Fuel Energy Crystals. The product that pops when you put it in your mouth has been confirmed to feature all of the ingredients the original G Fuel does to provide energy, focus, and endurance.

Introducing Amazon’s sports nutrition brand OWN PWR

The online retailer Amazon launched its own sports nutrition brand this week called OWN PWR. The line includes a total of nine different supplements, all of which a relatively competitively priced and are currently available with an extra 15% discount.

own pwr

Meltdown ketone drink now comes in a caffeine free version

VPX Sports, the brand behind the incredibly popular Bang Energy drink, has launched a new version of its other energy beverage, Meltdown 1 Keto. The spin-off product is just like the regular Meltdown drink, however, it does not feature the original’s energy ingredients, caffeine and TeaCrine.

Halo Top celebrating the opening of its third Scoop Shop location

The delicious frozen dessert company Halo Top opened is third Halo Top Scoop Shop location this week at The Grove in Los Angeles. Scoop Shops are stores where the brand serves up its ice cream in regular or soft serve form, with a number of styles and sweet toppings to choose from.

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