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TF7 Labs corrects hardening issue with its pre-workout Poison V2

poison v2

Earlier this year the UK supplement company TF7 Labs was made aware of a problem with one of its best selling products. In certain cases, the brand’s pre-workout Poison V2 was apparently having issues with its powder hardening rather quickly.

Due to the hardening not meeting TF7 Labs’ standards, the brand decided to investigate the problem and discovered that it was the beta-alanine creating the issue. There was apparently excess moisture within the raw ingredient itself, so the brand has now got its hands on a new supply.

TF7 Labs has tested its new source to ensure it will not run into the same hardening problems with its Poison V2 pre-workout. The brand has also sincerely apologized for the whole situation, and as you can see it’s taken all the steps it can to correct the issue.

Any fans of TF7 Labs that have concerns can reach out to the brand directly through atinfo@tf7labs whether it be in regards to the Poison V2 hardening or any problem with a TF7 Labs supplement.

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