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Rule One Proteins launches its flavored fat burner R1 Cut 10

Rule One Protein has completely unveiled and officially launched its all-new, thermogenic supplement R1 Cut 10. The product features a somewhat full list of ingredients designed to support thermogenesis and fat metabolism, as well as enhance mood, mental focus, and energy.

You can see the full mix of ingredients in Rule One Protein’s all-new R1 Cut 10 below in its fully transparent label. As mentioned it packs quite the list of features including half a gram of ashwagandha, 125mg of TeaCrine (40%), 130g of caffeine, and a gram of carnitine tartrate.

r1 cut 10

Fans of Rule One Proteins can now purchase R1 Cut 10 directly from the brand’s website at $35.99 for a 40 serving tub. When it comes to flavor options Rule One has put together quite the menu for the fat burner with three to choose from in Blood Orange, Strawberry Watermelon, and Star Pop.