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BSN’s new Protein Crisp flavors are now available at

bsn cold stone protein crisp

BSN’s all-new flavors for its delicious protein bar, Protein Crisp, are now available for purchase over at The online store appears to be the first place stocking both Strawberry Crunch and the very enjoyable Cold Stone Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

There is a bit of a downside to’s availability, as the two new Protein Crisp flavors are not priced the same as the other six. Instead of costing the product’s regular price of $19.99 for a box of 12 bars, the retailer has them for about 35% more at $26.99.

It is worth mentioning that is also celebrating its Supplement Awards this week and has 25% off nominated brands. Unfortunately, that discount does apply to those other BSN Protein Crisp flavors, but not Strawberry Crunch and Mint Chocolate Chip.

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