Barebells introduces tubs of delicious Protein Ice Cream and sweet sauces

The maker of our favorite protein bar on the market has unveiled its latest delicious creation, and it certainly looks good. The Swedish based brand Barebells has introduced 500ml tubs of high protein, no added sugar Protein Ice Cream and a set of sauces to throw on top and further sweeten the experience.

The nutrition profile of the new Barebells Protein Ice Cream varies greatly across each of its three mouthwatering flavors. Those flavors are Cookie Dough featuring caramel sauce and chocolate flakes, Salted Caramel filled with a salty caramel sauce, and lastly, Strawberry White Chocolate packed with a sweet strawberry swirl and white chocolate pieces.

A full 500ml tub of the Barebells Protein Ice Cream provides between 33 to 34g of protein, 32 to 44g of carbohydrates, 11 to 22g of fat, and a calorie total ranging from 376 to 508. While those calories are a little higher than other protein ice creams, keep in mind the product’s 33g of protein is also higher than others.

barebells protein ice cream

Along with the Barebells Protein Ice Cream, the brand has introduced a pair of sauces that will no doubt go perfectly with the ice cream. There are two flavors to choose from for the sauce in Chocolate and Caramel, which as mentioned, have no added sugar and have between 22 to 24 calories per 10g serving.

According to Barebells its delicious new Protein Ice Cream and toppings will be out and available in its local Swedish market starting next week. All we can say is we hope to get to try the products at some point, as if they’re anywhere near as good as the brand’s bars, they’ll likely be tough to top.

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