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Cell-Tech Next Gen combines BCAAs, creatine, Mediator, CinDura and more

cell-tech next gen

Last month we posted about the promising new CinDura ingredient complex and its list of strength, endurance, and lean body mass benefits. We also mentioned that Muscletech had been given exclusivity on CinDura and that the brand planned on using it in some upcoming supplement releases.

This week we’ve got a first look at one of the products Muscletech has formulated with CinDura, introducing Cell-Tech Next Gen. Cell-Tech is the veteran supplement company’s long-running creatine competitor that tends to include more than just creatine in its formula.

Based on the preview of Cell-Tech Next Gen, it looks like Muscletech has put together another advanced creatine product. The ingredients we can confirm are in the mix include 800mg of CinDura, 6g of BCAAs, 3g of betaine, a carbohydrate complex, Mediator phosphatidic acid, and of course, 10g of creatine.

The overall goal of Muscletech’s Cell-Tech Next Gen is to help users increase muscle strength and size. With the combination that it has, it certainly sounds like a promising product that is due to launch closer to the end of the year.