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Second two-minute trailer drops for Generation Iron 3

generation iron 3 trailer

Following on from the release of its teaser trailer back in July, a second trailer has now dropped for the upcoming bodybuilding film, Generation Iron 3. The video is actually slightly shorter than the original teaser trailer, although it includes a bunch of new footage.

As previously confirmed, Generation Iron 3 has a slightly different theme compared to its two predecessors. The film aims to answer the big question of “what is the ideal and perfect physique?”, and includes footage and interviews with people from all around the globe.

The second Generation Iron 3 trailer also gives us a better look at what kind of celebrities and competitors we’re going to see in the film. It is set to star big names such as Kai Greene and Rich Gaspari, as well as the likes of Chris Bumstead, Hadi Choopan, and Primeval Labs’ Regan Grimes.

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