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Sinister Labs is launching another flavor for its SinFit Protein Cookie

snickerdoodle sinfit protein cookie

Sometime very soon, Sinister Labs is launching another flavor for its six-month-old, protein-packed SinFit Protein Cookie. The brand’s enjoyable protein snack does already come in a great selection of flavors with Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Birthday Cake.

Sinister Labs’ fourth SinFit Protein Cookie will obviously have to be different from all of the others, with our guess being some sort of Snickerdoodle creation. Snickerdoodle is a flavor we’ve seen for a lot of other protein cookies, and would certainly be a nice addition to the SinFit cookie’s menu.

At the moment Sinister Labs has only said that its new SinFit Protein Cookie will be revealed and released soon, giving no exact timeframe. We may, however, get to see the flavor within the next few days, as this week is the Olympia week which is always filled with new product launches and unveilings.