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Atlhetica’s bright new branding brings with its new flavors and versions

atlhetica nutrition

The major Brazilian supplement company Atlhetica Nutrition has just undergone a massive transformation. The brand has basically refreshed the look of every single one of its products except for those in its Best Whey Series such as Best Whey ISO, Best Whey Protein Peanut, and the original Best Whey.

Atlhetica Nutrition has dropped its previously dark branding for something much brighter and more modern, as well as very consistent across the entire line. The brand’s variety of products is still very much the same, although it has added a few new versions and flavors of certain supplements.

atlhetica nutrition

The list of new additions to Atlhetica Nutrition includes a new version of its gainer Hiper Mass, a less concentrated Caffeinex with 210mg per capsule instead of 420mg. A larger 1kg tub of Glutamine Micronized, a flavored version of BCAA Recovery 3:1:1, and five new flavors for BCAA 2:1:1.

According to Atlhetica Nutrition, its majorly revamped lineup of supplements is available in Brazil starting this week. The brand doesn’t appear to have updated its website just yet, although we suspect now that it’s fresh new look is unveiled and out there, that’ll be changing sometime soon.

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