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ATP’s updated MultiFood combines water and fat soluble vitamins

atp science multifood

ATP Science has launched the third entry into its four-part series of supplements, the 4 Pillars Of Health. The first product was introduced earlier this year with the modbiotic GutRight, then we got the immune formula Resilience, and now the brand has launched MultiFood.

MultiFood is actually a multi-vitamin supplement ATP Science did previously release. This month, however, it has been reformulated as well as rebranded to fit with the rest of the products in the 4 Pillars Of Health family.

atp science multifood

What is MultiFood

As it does with all of its supplements, ATP Science does provide a pretty solid explanation of exactly what the new MultiFood is all about. It is similar to the previous black branded version, with new fat-soluble vitamins, no more magnesium and calcium, and it can be used in combination with ATP’s other Pillars Of Health.

“MultiFood: Essential co-factors and Phytonutrients from Water soluble and Fat-soluble vitamins required for many processes and enzymatic reactions in the body, perhaps one of the most important being the function of the cellular energy production.”

atp science multifood

Availability and eBook

You can read more about ATP Science’s new and improved 4 Pillars Of Health MultiFood over on its website. Along with the release of the product, the Australian brand has also introduced the MultiFood eBook, which is actually a free book created to give people a better understanding of vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Over on ATP Science’s website at, you can also now purchase MultiFood at $49.95 (35.23 USD) for a full-size 60 capsule bottle. The brand is available over on Amazon, however the all-new version of MultiFood is not available there just yet.