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Plant-based Clean Vegan Protein coming soon from Body Science

bsc clean vegan protein

The long-running Australian supplement company Body Science, better known as BSc, is getting ready to release another entry into the plant-based protein market. This week the brand has announced that it has a new product coming soon that’s been given the fairly obvious title, Clean Vegan Protein.

Body Science’s upcoming supplement is actually branded and marketed very similar to the protein bar it introduced earlier in the year, the Clean Bar. Clean Vegan Protein lists all of its ingredients right on the front of its label including its protein sources which are pea and brown rice.

The plant-based protein powder from Body Science is due to launch sometime soon in Australia, in four naturally sweetened, gluten-free, and digestive enzyme enhanced flavors. Clean Vegan Protein’s options are the traditional tastes Chocolate and Vanilla, as well as Salted Caramel and Berry Coconut.