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Barebells drops a mouthwatering Chocolate Brownie ice cream for Xmas

chocolate brownie barebells ice cream

The Swedish brand Barebells, has unveiled its first-ever limited edition flavor for its protein-packed, half liter tubs of ice cream. While the product’s original three flavors do look quite delicious in pictures, the new option it’s been given for the holiday season tops them all.

The special Christmas edition flavor Barebells has put together for its Protein Ice Cream is the chocolate lover’s dream, Chocolate Brownie. The product is obviously a chocolate flavored ice cream that’s also filled with luxurious brownie pieces, making for a true chocolate brownie experience.

The flavor has a nutrition profile similar to Barebells’ other Protein Ice Creams with per tub, 33g of protein, 38g of carbohydrates, 16g of fat, no added sugar, and 449 calories. As mentioned, Chocolate Brownie is only available for a limited time and only in its local market of Sweden.

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