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Bhu confirms a Chocolate Coconut Cookie Dough flavor its keto bar

chocolate coconut cookie dough bhu keto bar

Bhu Foods has revealed an exciting update for its most recent product release the Keto Protein Bar, a refrigerated protein snack bar for keto dieters. Since the brand launched the item, it’s been available in the same three options with Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Macadamia, and Double Dark Chocolate.

It has now been announced that Bhu Foods plans on expanding its Keto Protein Bar menu with a yet to be confirmed number of flavors. We do however know that at least one of the upcoming options is going to be another chocolate-based recipe named Chocolate Coconut Cookie Dough.

The new flavor will feature a nutrition profile similar to the other Keto Protein Bars with 8g of protein, 3g of net carbohydrates, and just a gram of sugar. The Chocolate Coconut Cookie Dough bar is due to launch sometime in January, and it will be arriving alongside those other, yet to be named flavors.

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