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Limited edition Freddy Juice arrives with only 500 tubs available

alpha lion freddy juice

If you liked the sound of Alpha Lion’s limited edition version of its pre-workout Superhuman, which is named Freddy Juice, you can now purchase the product. Freddy Juice features the same high octane formula as Superhuman, the only difference is the name and its special flavor, Krueger Kiwiberry.

Those interested in picking up the special Halloween themed supplement can do so through Alpha Lion’s official online store at On the website, Freddy Juice will cost you a little bit more than the regular Superhuman at a price of $49.95 per tub, with the usual total of 21 servings.

It is also worth mentioning that Alpha Lion’s is Freddy Juice is an extremely limited edition product. Through the brand’s website there are only 500 tubs of the Halloween themed supplement available, so you will want to move quickly if you’re interested.