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Max Effort teases another CBD line called the Premium CBD Collection

max effort premium cbd collection

Following last month’s launch of its three CBD oil supplements, with one of those three getting a handful of new flavors earlier this month. Max Effort Muscle has announced that it is releasing more products for the CBD market with what it’s calling the Premium CBD Collection.

For now, Max Effort Muscle has only revealed the name of its upcoming family of products, leaving us to speculate what it’s going to be about. Our guess, seeing as the brand already has CBD oil droppers, is a variety of other types of supplements infused with CBD such as a post-workout or even a protein.

Last time Max Effort Muscle teased a series of CBD products it was only two weeks later that the line was unveiled and launched. We’re not sure if that will be the case with the brand’s Premium CBD Collection, but we’re certainly interested to see what the direct-to-consumer company has come up with.

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