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Myprotein renames its Protein Biscuit to Protein Sandwich Cookie

protein sandwich cookie

Along with last week’s major and slightly more colorful rebrand, Myprotein has actually renamed some of its products. One of the items that the international brand has retitled is its delicious, unique, and Oreo-like protein snack, the Protein Biscuit.

Myprotein has decided to change the product’s name from Protein Biscuit to something a little more self-explanatory with Protein Sandwich Cookie. The brand has confirmed everything on the inside is exactly the same, with only its packaging, branding and title being what’s changed.

The renamed Myprotein Protein Sandwich Cookie can now be purchased over at (not US website) for £7.99 for a box of ten cookie sandwiches in the one Chocolate and Cream flavor.

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