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GN Labs’ new pre-workouts are just as heavy as the top-rated T1 Virus

GN Labs recently discontinued its powerful pre-workouts T1 Virus and T1 Antivirus, with the former being the product we had ranked as the best pre-workout in the world. Fortunately, as promised, the German brand has replaced the supplements with a bunch of new pre-workouts in Narc Nemesis, Narc Nemesis Pump, and Narcotica Infection.

Both GN Labs Narc Nemesis and Narcotica Infection are stimulant powered products, while Narc Nemesis Pump is a stimulant free formula. Despite that difference, they are all incredibly well formulated, featuring combinations of ingredients just as impressive as T1 Virus and T1 Antivirus.

narc nemesis

Narc Nemesis

We’ll start our breakdown of the new GN Labs pre-workouts with Narc Nemesis which is an incredibly heavy supplement. The product comes with a packed 30g maximum serving size including ingredients to deliver increased energy, enhanced mental focus, better pumps, and improved strength and endurance.

You can see the list of ingredients in GN Labs’ Narc Nemesis below, and as mentioned, it is impressive. Its maximum two-scoop serving includes highlights such as 6g of citrulline polyhydrate, 400mg of caffeine, half a gram each of choline bitartrate and DMAE, and 3.5g of beta-alanine polyhydrate.

narc nemesis

Narc Nemesis Pump

Next on the list, we have the stimulant free version of Narc Nemesis called Narc Nemesis Pump, although its formula isn’t really all that similar to the regular version. GN Labs has given this one an equally loaded list of ingredients, with its combination primarily designed to help with strength, endurance, and pumps.

You can see the loaded list of ingredients GN Labs has squeezed into Narc Nemesis Pump below which also has a maximum serving size weighing in at 30g. Included in that, is an even heavier 9g of citrulline polyhydrate, a bit more creatine polyhydrate at 3.5g, arginine polyhydrate, and 180mg of grape seed.

narc nemesis

Narcotica Infection

Lastly, we have GN Labs only non-Narc Nemesis named new pre-workout with Narcotica Infection. This one is actually quite similar to Narc Nemesis in that it aims to deliver a similar mix of effects with ingredients for improved energy, focus, performance, and muscle pumps.

Narcotica Infection comes with a lot of the same formula highlights as Narc Nemesis such as 6g of citrulline polyhydrate and 3g of arginine polyhydrate. It does however also have a few things Narc Nemesis doesn’t with added pump ingredients such as 2g of glycerol, 1.5g of beetroot, as well as 2g of betaine.

narcotica infection

Narc Nemesis vs Narcotica Infection

For those wondering what separates all of GN Labs’ new pre-workouts, it really comes down to how much pump, performance, and stimulants you want. Narc Nemesis seems to be the balanced one of the bunch with an even amount of ingredients for all effects; Narcotica Infection drops the likes of beta-alanine for a wider variety of pump ingredients; and Narc Nemesis Pump is mostly for pumps without any stimulating energy.

Where to buy

For those interested in purchasing any of the three GN Labs pre-workouts — Narc Nemesis, Narc Nemesis Pump, and Narcotica Infection — Gigas Nutrition is the place to go. Like with T1 Virus, the German-based store stocks all three of the supplements which are also all priced exactly the same at €34.90 (40.15 USD) per tub.