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Killer Labz switches to GlycerPump for its reformulated Noxious

killer labz noxious

Following on from Killer Labz recent rebrand, which sees it switch to a smoother more mainstream look, that still has a hardcore feel. The brand has now introduced an all-new version of ones of its previously released supplements, the pump pre-workout Noxious.

Killer Labz has kept the intentions of Noxious the same, being a stimulant free pre-workout, primarily designed to enhance muscle pumps. The changes the brand has made to the product all come in the ingredients department where Noxious has two things different.

killer labz noxious

The heavier dosed ingredients have remained for the new version with 3g of citrulline, 2g of glycerol, a gram of agmatine, and 125mg of norvaline. The two changes are that the glycerol is now GlycerPump branded, and there is half a gram of coconut water in place of the original’s epimedium.

Killer Labz rebranded and reformulated pump pre-workout Noxious is now in stock and available for purchase from its website. The supplement packs a total of 30 servings per tub, comes at a price of $36.99, and has two tastes to choose from with Furious Fruit Punch and a convenient Unflavored option.