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Amazon Day will let shoppers pick the day their packages arrive

amazon day

Details of an all-new delivery option from the online giant Amazon have been confirmed by CNET. The upcoming option is called Amazon Day which according to an Amazon spokesperson is “aimed at making the delivery experience more convenient for customers”.

The way it works is Amazon users select a day of the week they’d like their packages to arrive, then when shopping online, there will be an option to have their orders delivered on their “Amazon Day”. Once that day of the week rolls around, all of the packages selected to be delivered on “Amazon Day”, will arrive.

To be clear, users will still have their usual shipping methods such as two-day and no rush; Amazon Day will just be another option to choose from. It is certainly a great way to go if you like to have your packages arrive when you’re home, as this way you can pick the day that best suits you and it can be changed.

To start Amazon is introducing Amazon Day to only a small, invitation-only group of customers, then plans on rolling it out to more people over the next few months.

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