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Muscletech completely unveils its Black Onyx Series Amino Max EAA

amino max eaa

Earlier this week we unveiled two all-new supplements coming soon to Muscletech’s GNC exclusive Black Onyx Series with Shatter Pumped8 and CreaBuild. Today we have details on the third and final new product for the line, introducing the amino acid formula Amino Max EAA.

The upcoming Muscletech Amino Max EAA is an essential amino acid supplement that delivers 11g of total EAAs per scoop. Of that 11g, 5.1g belongs to BCAAs with a ratio that provides 3g of leucine. The remaining 6g is divided up across five other EAAs including lysine, phenylalanine, threonine, histidine, and methionine.

amino max eaa

While the EAAs are the primary feature of Amino Max EAA, that isn’t all Muscletech has packed into the Black Onyx Series product. Alongside that 11g of aminos, there is also a strength-enhancing blend of betaine and taurine dosed at 2.5g and 1g respectively, as well as a blend of electrolytes for hydration.

Just like Muscletech’s other two new Black Onyx Series supplements Shatter Pumped8 and CreaBuild, Amino Max EAA is due to be available from GNC sometime later this month. A full tub of the product will have a total of 20 servings, with just the one flavor option confirmed so far in Strawberry Lemonade.