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Muscletech CreaBuild packs a full dose CinDura plus creatine and betaine

muscletech creabuild

CreaBuild is an all-new creatine supplement for Muscletech’s growing, GNC exclusive Black Onyx Series. The upcoming product is actually quite similar to the brand’s all-new Cell-Tech Next Gen, as the majority of CreaBuild’s main ingredients can be found in that very supplement.


As mentioned, Muscletech CreaBuild is a creatine based product, however that is definitely not all that’s packed into this one. The creatine in CreaBuild comes in the form of creatine HCl and the classic creatine monohydrate, both of which are dosed at 3g each for a combined 6g per serving.

Just like in Cell-Tech Next Gen, alongside the creatine in CreaBuild Muscletech has included 2.5g of betaine anhydrous and the brand’s exclusive ingredient CinDura at its studied dose of 800mg. There is also BioPerine black pepper in the mix at 5.3mg per serving to help enhance absorption of the whole formula.

muscletech creabuild

What does it do

Overall, the combination of ingredients in Muscletech CreaBuild aims to help build muscle and increase strength. Once again, the supplement is quite similar to Cell-Tech Next Gen, although it’s more of a simpler version perfect for those looking to run the new CinDura along with creatine and betaine.

Coming soon

Muscletech plans on launching CreaBuild as well as its other new Black Onyx Series products Shatter Pumped8 and Amino Max EAA, at GNC later this month. CreaBuild will be available in the usual 30 serving tub size with at least one flavor option for fans to choose from in the sweet sounding Gummy Burst.