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Blackstone introduces a smaller four pack purchase option for ISO-Cream

blackstone labs iso cream four pack

Since launching its delicious protein packed ISO-Cream earlier this year, Blackstone Labs has had the product available with the same purchase three options. Customers could grab the protein ice cream in single pint tubs in packs of six, nine or 12, for $10 each.

Blackstone Labs has now introduced another purchase option for ISO-Cream through its website with just four single pint tubs. It is essentially a new minimum that will still cost you the same price per tub as the six, nine and 12 tub packs at $10 each for a total of $39.99, including shipping.

The brand has shared a video explaining that the introduction of the smaller pack of ISO-Cream follows on from Halo Top’s move into direct-to-consumer shipping. Halo Top’s smallest option is also a pack of four tubs that costs $11.50 each, which is a bit more expensive than Blackstone’s four-pack, although Halo Top also offers an eight pack that’s only $8 per pint.

In our opinion, compared to Halo Top Blackstone Labs’ ISO-Cream is definitely the better protein ice cream nutritionally with 38 to 43g of protein for only 266 to 363 calories. Halo Top does, however, have the advantage in the flavor department, as it is just a bit tastier.