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The Dough Bar updates the packaging of its toppings and glaze

dough bar protein doughnuts

The delicious protein doughnut company The Dough Bar, recently released a new type of protein snack with the soft and cakey Cake Doughnut. It turns out there is another, slightly smaller change the brand has made to its lineup that’s related to its packaging and presentation.

Previously The Dough Bar’s protein doughnuts came with their glaze, toppings, and doughnut all separated in a neat little box. Both the toppings and glaze came packaged in tiny plastic pots, which the brand has traded in for a more stylish way of doing things.

Now when you purchase any of The Dough Bar’s doughnuts, you’ll get your toppings in sealed plastic bags and the glaze in a branded squeeze sachet. The switch makes the products look a lot more professional and probably makes getting the glaze on the doughnuts easier too.

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