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The Genius Brand is now officially Stack3d Certified

genius bcaa

Today we’re announcing that the Genius Brand is now a part of our Stack3d Certified program. We revamped the whole program earlier in the year making it a more complete certification for open and honest brands looking to prove their products contain what’s on their labels.

The way Stack3d Certified works is, brands agree to have us randomly purchase one of their supplements from a random retailer, and send it to the lab. We then test for all of the active ingredients we can, except in the case of protein products where we test for their full nutrition profiles.

We eventually check the results against what the supplement claims on its label, and if it passes, the brand behind it is officially Stack3d Certified. We repeat the whole process four times per year, each time picking a different product which makes it quite a robust testing program.

You can see the current list of Stack3d Certified brands over at The Genius Brand is one of three companies taking part in the ongoing testing program with the others being Olympus Labs and Redcon1.

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