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5% Nutrition completely unveils its goBHB powered Keto aSalt

Keto aSalt

5% Nutrition has unveiled a new ketogenic supplement that it plans on releasing soon that like a lot of others in the growing category is powered by goBHB. The upcoming product is Keto aSalt which does actually feature a couple of extra ingredients on top of the BHB ketones.

The ingredients 5% Nutrition has packed into its new Keto aSalt are included to help reduce feelings of hunger, increase physical performance, and provide longer lasting energy. The combination also aims to improve mental performance and decrease the time your body takes to get into ketosis.

Keto aSalt

As for the formula behind 5% Nutrition’s Keto aSalt, as mentioned it is led by the branded goBHB ketones dosed at a strong 11.7g per serving. Alongside that the brand has thrown in two other ingredients with 25mg of coQ10 and 200mg of carnitine tartrate.

5% Nutrition is planning to make Keto aSalt available to the public in just over one week’s time on Black Friday. Seeing as the supplement is dropping on that day, there is a good chance you’ll be able to grab it with some sort of introductory deal as well as strong discount on other 5% products.