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‘Merica Labz could be getting into the snack game with ‘Merica Snax

merica snax

‘Merica Labz has shared a new logo which isn’t something that’s usually worth getting excited about. On this occasion, however, the logo is extremely exciting as it is actually for what we assume to be some sort of new line or spin-off brand like ‘Merica Energy.

The logo from ‘Merica Labz can be seen in full at the top of this post. As mentioned we suspect it is for a new brand or line of products with the name “‘Merica Snax”. No description or explanation has been shared alongside the logo, which leaves us with a lot of questions and plenty of speculation.

Based purely on the title in the logo, we’re guessing ‘Merica Snax is a healthy snack brand from the outrageous and creative minds of ‘Merica Labz. That is the primary reason we’re excited, as ‘Merica Labz always manages to deliver amazing products, so we have to imagine it’ll do the same with ‘Merica Snax.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this topic and will share updates as soon as they become available. If ‘Merica Snax is indeed a healthy snack brand, we also look forward to seeing the ‘Merica Labz team shake up the growing snack category.