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Scivation unveils a new letter “X” logo to welcome in a new era

new scivation logo

Following on from yesterday’s very mysterious teaser video, hinting at the coming of something quite significant from Scivation. We’ve now got confirmation of what the veteran brand’s stylish looking letter “X” is all about.

It turns out the “X” is, in fact, an all-new logo to welcome in the next phase of the Xtend brand. Based on what Scivation is saying it sounds like we’re in for some big developments related to Xtend which could include a range of things such as a fresh new look and even new products.

As expected, Scivation is really pumping out teasers and previews quite frequently for whatever it has coming. We also expect to see even more of it over the next week or so seeing as the brand has said the new logo is only just the start of the next phase for Xtend.

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