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Teaser image surfaces of some sort of beverage from Xtend

xtend drink

Another teaser image has surfaced from the recently relaunched Xtend brand that suggests it still has plenty more excitement to come. Earlier this month Xtend introduced its new Xtend Original which is a rebranded version of Xtend BCAAs, and the protein powder Xtend Pro.

This week a teaser has surfaced of what looks to be another new Xtend product, although unlike the other two, this one isn’t a powder supplement. The image that’s surfaced features the silhouette of what looks to be a traditional 16oz can alongside the words “A new way to recover”.

We don’t yet know for certain what the mystery product is, although we imagine it will likely keep the Xtend theme going of having 7g of BCAAs per serving. That BCAA dose is the primary feature in Xtend Original and is also something the brand carried over to its Xtend Pro protein powder.

As soon as we get more information on the mystery Xtend drink we’ll be sure to share it, which we suspect will happen soon. We only say that because it took the brand less than one week to unveil Xtend Pro after it teased it with a silhouette.

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