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Yummy launches its protein powder in three Christmas themed flavors

yummy sports christmas iso

The flavor marketed supplement company Yummy Sports has launched a handful of Christmas themed flavors for its fast absorbing, whey isolate ISO protein powder. Unlike the product’s other options, however, the new flavors are only available in significantly smaller five serving bags.

In total Yummy Sports has put together three Christmas themed options with Ginger Bread, Choco Candy Cane, and the rather intriguing Mysterious Flavor. ISO’s Mysterious Flavor is exactly how it sounds with a product that doesn’t actually tell you what it tastes like; it’s a mystery.

All three of Yummy Sports’ Christmas ISO flavors are now in stock and available for purchase through its own online store. Being that the options only pack five servings per bag, they do of course cost less than a typical 33 serving bag of ISO at $8.99 each, which works out to $26.97 for all three.