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Banana Nut Bread flavor confirmed for Beyond Raw’s meal formula Macros

beyond raw banana nut bread macros

Details have come in this week that a third flavor is coming for the GNC brand, Beyond Raw’s recently released meal formula, Macros. We actually only just posted about the whole-food based supplement last week including the two flavors it’s currently available in with Maple Brown Sugar and Chocolate Chip Muffin.

GNC is now listing a third flavor option for Beyond Raw Macros on its website although the product is not yet in stock. While the meal supplement’s first two flavors were quite unique, its latest is actually one you’ll find on the menu of both Redcon1’s MRE and 5% Nutrition’s Real Carbs with Banana Nut Bread.

As mentioned, Beyond Raw’s Banana Nut Bread Macros doesn’t appear to be available for purchase just yet, however it does already have its own page on GNC’s online store.