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Cinna Crunch Cereal flavor announced for Sparta’s upcoming protein bar

sparta nutrition protein bar

Sparta Nutrition is continuing to unveil the three flavor options it plans on launching for its all-new protein bar. It was only a couple of days ago that the brand confirmed the product is coming soon, then yesterday it announced that one of its three flavors will be the cereal-inspired Cocoa Cereal.

Today Sparta Nutrition is confirming its second of three flavors for its simply named Sparta Protein Bar, which is also made with a familiar looking cereal. The flavor is named Cinna Crunch Cereal and just like Cocoa Cereal; it features real cereal pieces in the bar itself along with 20g of protein.

As mentioned Sparta Nutrition will be launching its first-ever protein bar sometime soon, with just one of its three flavors left to be revealed. We’re not sure when exactly Sparta plans on dropping the product, although all of these announcements about it do make it sound like an imminent release.