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Crossfuel adds a ketogenic fat burner to its Black Series with Keto Ripped

crossfuel keto ripped

The Canadian company Crossfuel, has introduced another product for its more hardcore line of supplements, the Black Series. The newest addition to the brand’s lineup is for the same kind of category as the last two Crossfuel releases we saw with a ketogenic formula named Keto Ripped.

Crossfuel’s new Keto Ripped is designed to help your body use stored fat as fuel thanks to its inclusion of BHB ketones dosed at a gram per serving, or 2g per day when taking the fat burner twice a day. The benefits don’t actually end there as the brand has included three other ingredients in the formula.

Alongside the BHB ketones, Crossfuel Keto Ripped features 400mg of MCTs to help with energy and act as a ketogenic booster. The Black Series supplement also includes two types of caffeine with green coffee extract and regular caffeine anhydrous dosed at 200mg and 160mg respectively.

Fans of Crossfuel can now purchase Keto Ripped directly from the brand’s Black Series online store at Directly from Crossfuel, a full 180 capsule, 60 serving bottle of the ketogenic fat burner will cost you $63.99.