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Third and final flavor confirmed for the cereal themed Sparta Protein Bar

fruity cereal sparta protein bar

The third and final flavor for Sparta Nutrition’s first-ever protein bar has been announced. The product itself was confirmed just a few days ago on Thursday and then had its first two flavors revealed with the cereal-themed options, Cocoa Cereal and Cinna Crunch Cereal.

The last entry into Sparta Nutrition’s Sparta Protein Bar menu is a cereal flavor you might have already seen coming with the Froot Loops inspired Fruity Cereal. Just like the product’s other two flavors, the Fruity Cereal packs 20g of protein per bar, is gluten-free, and features real cereal pieces.

The rest of the Sparta Protein Bar’s details such as its nutrition profile and various ingredients, are expected to be released next week. We’ll be sharing that information as soon as we can, so be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d for those interested in the delicious sounding bar.