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Introducing Keetz and its stylishly packaged goBHB supplement


Keetz is a relatively new and beautifully branded supplement company that currently has just the one product in its lineup also named Keetz. If you couldn’t guess based on the name, Keetz is a ketogenic supplement although it doesn’t come in the usual forms of flavored powder or capsules.

Keetz is more of a convenient ketogenic product that comes packaged in a stylishly designed box with a total of 20, single serving, Sour Watermelon flavored sachets. Each serving features 11.7g of goBHB branded ketones along with 150mg of organic caffeine to boost blood ketone levels and provide long-lasting energy.

If you like the what you see with the goBHB powered product from Keetz, you can now purchase it directly from the brand’s website although it will cost you a fair bit. Keetz has its one supplement priced at $69.99 for a 20 serving box which is somewhat high compared to other goBHB products available on the market.