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Apollos Hegemony continues with news of more basic type supplements

apollos hegemony

Earlier this month the Poland-based brand Apollos Hegemony, announced that it had three new formulas coming sometime soon. They were all single ingredient supplements featuring their title ingredients with Acticissus, Horny Goat Weed, and a powder version of the brand’s Phenibut.

Apollos Hegemony has now shared news of even more basic products that it is launching soon. This time the total of new supplements from the brand is five with Alpha-Yohimbine, Kava Kava for anxiety and mood, and Pregnenolone in two versions, one with 10mg per capsule and the other with 25mg.

The one last product getting added to the growing Apollos Hegemony lineup is the slightly more complex formula, Omni Stack. From what we can gather this one is not a basic or single ingredient supplement, it is a more advanced product featuring some sort of synergistic, nootropic blend.