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Axis Labs’ new keto formula Fat Bomb is made with MCTs and beef fat

axis labs fat bomb

Axis Labs has previewed an all-new supplement that it is currently taking sign-ups for, so it can notify fans exactly when it becomes available. The upcoming release is named Fat Bomb, which as you could guess is a high-quality fat focused product intended for ketogenic dieters.

The macro profile on Axis Labs Fat Bomb starts with a strong 20g of fat with 9g of that saturated, just a gram of carbohydrates, 8g of protein, and 220 calories. The ingredients in the supplement are as mentioned, high-quality fat sources including MCTs and grass-fed, organic beef fat.

The combination of fats in Fat Bomb is said to provide more than 400 essential fatty acids, all of which are easy to digest and offer lasting energy for the brain and body. It is also worth highlighting that the Axis Labs keto formula is naturally flavored with no artificial ingredients of any kind.

We’re not sure when Axis Labs plans on dropping Fat Bomb, however as mentioned, you can sign up to be notified when it arrives over on the Axis Labs website. It is due to release in a 16 serving tub size with at least one flavor to choose from in the rather unique Samoa Cookie.