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Fit Crunch Protein Puffs launch at Costco in a slightly smaller bag size

cheddar cheese protein puffs costco

Robert Irvine’s rather unique, delicious, and very lean Fit Crunch Protein Puffs protein snack, is coming to the wholesale giant Costco. The brand revealed this week that it has launched a special bag size of the Protein Puffs at select Costco locations that is about 20% smaller overall in weight.

The Costco Protein Puffs weigh in at a total of 23g per bag instead of the regular 30g, which in turn gives it lighter nutrition with 16g of protein, 2g of sugar, and 100 calories. The product also has a slightly different box size at Costco with 12 bags per box instead of the usual eight like at Amazon.

For those interested in picking up the Fit Crunch Protein Puffs from Costco, the brand has put together a list of locations on its website. They’re currently only available at stores in Texas and Northwest, and only in the one Cheddar Cheese flavor which is one of the product’s better options.