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Giant puts together a new version of Rush for its Performance Series

giant rush

Giant Sports’ all-new Performance Series of supplements is now starting to roll out to its exclusive distributor, Europa. Included in that line is the pre-workout formula Giant Rush, which is a product the brand has had available before; however, the Performance Series version is quite a bit different from the last one we saw.

The latest edition of Giant Rush is a relatively straightforward supplement featuring a handful of commonly used pre-workout ingredients. The brand has brought together a mix of compounds to provide enhanced muscle pumps, increased physical and mental energy, and maximum performance while training.

giant rush

The heavier ingredients in the new Giant Rush are a bit lighter than we usually see with creatine monohydrate at 2g, beta-alanine at 1.6g, and citrulline which you can find as high as 8g in other pre-workouts, is at 2g. The rest of the product’s formula is made up of 50mg of white tea leaf, 250mg of caffeine, 150mg of Infinergy dicaffeine malate, 25mg of hordenine, and 2mg of rauwolfia.

As mentioned, Giant Sports’ Performance Series is now rolling out to its exclusive distributor Europa, so you can probably expect to see Giant Rush in its 30 serving tub, in stores sometime soon. The pre-workout is launching alongside the line’s five other supplements with Collagen, Keto, BCAA, and the protein powders Whey and Isolate.