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MAN Sports expands its selection of supplements at the Vitamin Shoppe

man sports vitamin shoppe

MAN Sports has partnered with the major retailer the Vitamin Shoppe for an expansion of its offering in the store’s massive 850+ locations. Almost all of the brand’s top products can now be found at the Vitamin Shoppe, with all stores expected to have 14 different supplements from both MAN Sports and its vitamin brand, Nutritox.

The list of items the retailer is carrying includes ISO-EAA, ISO-Amino, Clean Protein, the Protein Wars winner ISO-Protein, Nolvadren XT, Pump Powder, and the new Game Day. There is also the fat burner Scorch, a handful of MAN Sports’ basic formulas with Liquid Carnitine, Beta-Alanine, and Leucine, and Nutritox’s Athletic and Male 2/Day Multi-Vitamins.

Essentially, you can now head down to your local Vitamin Shoppe location and pick up pretty much anything from the growing MAN Sports lineup. The supplement retailer is also said to have a variety of flavor options to choose from for the powder products like Game Day, ISO-EAA, and the proteins Clean Protein and ISO-Protein.