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Lean Whey is moving to full transparency with Unicorn Cookie Shake

unicorn cookie shake lean whey

Later this month, Muscle Sport plans on launching its incredibly creative Unicorn Cookie Shake flavor for its protein powder Lean Whey. The unique product will have real sugar cookie pieces in the powder itself along with edible glitter, although those aren’t the only exciting features the flavor is bringing.

Muscle Sport’s Unicorn Cookie Shake Lean Whey is also going to bring a shift to complete transparency for the supplement. The new release will be the brand’s first Lean Whey flavor that lists exactly how much of each of its two protein sources you get, which are whey isolate and hydrolyzed whey protein.

Another change that Unicorn Cookie Shake will have is more protein per serving with 25g instead of the current version’s 24g. For those worried about Lean Whey’s other flavors, Muscle Sport is going to be switching them to full transparency as well, although not until after Unicorn Cookie’s release.