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Unicorn Cookie Shake Lean Whey features sugar cookie pieces and edible glitter

unicorn cookie shake lean whey

Muscle Sport has completely unveiled the new Lean Whey protein flavor it teased at the end of last week, and as promised, it is indeed an industry first flavor. The name of the incredibly unique creation is Unicorn Cookie Shake, although that doesn’t quite communicate everything that makes this product so special.

The upcoming Unicorn Cookie Shake Lean Whey features real sugar cookie pieces as well as edible glitter, which you can see for yourself through the product’s transparent tub. Muscle Sport is also launching the limited edition flavor with the help of one of its newest athletes, the IFBB Olympian, Stephanie Hammer.

We have to say Muscle Sport has truly outdone itself on this one and imagine that based on its other creative flavors, the product is going to taste damn good. We don’t have an exact date for when the Unicorn Cookie Shake Lean Whey is going to be available, although we do know it is dropping sometime this month.