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Scitec launches functional food and vegan products with TK Maxx

scitec nutrition functional foods

The major European supplement company Scitec Nutrition, has kicked off the new year with a new family of products that have launched at over 300 TK Maxx locations in the UK. We’re not sure on the name of the series, but it has a total of seven items, all of which are functional food type supplements.

The latest from Scitec Nutrition includes Protein Muffin, Protein Pudding, Protein Ice Cream, and Protein Breakfast. All of those are products previously released by the brand, although they’ve been given a more mainstream look for the UK release and we don’t yet know if they feature the same formulas.

The three other supplements in the new Scitec Nutrition line are the vegan-friendly protein powder Vegan Protein, Vita Greens & Fruits, and Fibers & Enzymes. Those three are also products already available from the brand from its Greens Series, and have been given a more mainstream look as well.

As mentioned, Scitec Nutrition has launched its new collection of supplements to start the new year with the department store TK Maxx already said to have it available in over 300 locations across the UK.